“Returning back” – ○338○


We had thought to all things we had imagined, and see in the Burn Valley.
Our hearts were still fill of emotions that we would have feel making the jump.
We had exceeded again the Opal. That Opal.
We looked at each other smiling.
From far we had hear the joyful voice of the Little One, and little by little, we were awakening from the state in which we were been: in a dream from which we didn’t wanted be awakening up, and maybe we were inside it yet, and the only one who have noticed it, has been Fenkuz, who with a nod had make understand to the Little One, that it wasn’t case to disturb us.

We entered in the apartment silently, with all the eyes of the furry friends set on us.
We had noticed them: entering in the apartment and closing the door: you have thanked them with just a sweet smile.

All our friends were in front of the apartment, and the only who has spoken has been Pyr.
He said to all them: “They doesn’t know yet, but they get ready for the jump.”

Closed the door we settled on sofa, then in a whisper you have said me: “Come”, and sweetly you have embraced me sweetly.
We wanted to shake ourselves this sensation that we had feel in the Burn Valley, but how?
The only way we knew was listen to our heart and making cradling us by our breathes, and we made so.

Slowly, I fallen asleep in your arms. my heart was still beating hard.
Suddenly, outside, the sun had left the place to the moon.
Gently, you have brought me in the bedroom and sweetly you have lay me on the bed.

That day has been full of new notions that we had to learn as soon as possible: the stick divided in three parts… the stick that we had to leave in the shack to get back in our parallel world, but the most important: we had to discover was which symbols were belong of us.

You have laid next to me: I was sleeping, already.
You was looking at me and, sweetly, you was speaking to me, touching delicately my belly.
Thought my breathe, you have could see my soul: It was a soul of a white witch who had fought in centuries for his human love, and now for the very first time, he could give her something in change.”



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