“You was still

lukecattura07forteTalking to me. You was whispering all the promises you would wanted made me. I could still feel your hand was still caressing delicately my belly throught my white dress. You was looking at me as the sleeping beauty. And your words were wrapping all the sensations that were flying in that moment. You was looking at me and you still making me promises, that i couldnt hear, but my heart did. You have promised me, again, that you would have do everything to see me happy and i wouldnt have had any obstacles in front of me no more.
Slowly you have lay your face on my belly, delicately embracing my hips and even you, at the end,  you fallen asleep.
I have opened the eyes, while, by now, with me, it was rising the sun and the nature it awakening.
You was still embracing me. You seemed a child, and slowly i settled myself on backrest. Your head, now it was on my legs and i was caressing you. I wanted that moment had no end. The sound of your promises still resounded in the room.
I closed the eyes for a moment and those flying promises were entering in me as a your breathe.
They entered in me as a sweet breathe, but right after they have shook me as a thunderstorm.
Feeling them, inside of me, it has been like to hear, you of the past who finally has maintened something important.
I was looking at you, while my heart was literally exploding.
I wanted just looking at you.
Slowly, you turned yourself and i had the possiblity to see your sweet face. I remained to stare you. Our breathe were merged eachother, so even, our souls.
I always been enchated of your mode how you always inhaled the air from your nose. I have always loved it. For at least five minutes i remained to stare you, but at the end, my desire to caress your face, has been so strong, and i’ve done it.
Your skin was soft, despite you had a little of beard and mustaches. Sweetly i was reaching to your tiny neo but slowly you was opening the eyes. Our glances meeting eachother and you have gave me one of the your sweetest smile accompanied by a soft and velvety ‘Good morning…’
While you was settling yourself on the backrest i didnt have say anything yet, just i was looking at you.
You have looked at me with a a question mark on your face, but i just approached myself to you and without add nothing else i have kissed you.
And in that kiss you have understood that i have perceived your promises, your words and, taking the face in your hands, we looked at eachother and,  you have promised it again.”


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