“You was tightening” – ○337○


My hand yet, as if in it, there was something that could take the flight and return back no longer.
I have take a look at your delicate hands on mine, then I lifted my face toward you and our eyes were diving one in another: you have looked at me leaving me breathless.
The only witnessed of that glance has been the mountain that in all her majesty, it seemed is talking to us, on the contrary was the soft breeze that was slam to the walls of it, and his echo was resounding in the valley.

Our hearts didn’t wanted to stop to beat hard.
“It will be the first time even for me: even me, I have a little fear, but it will be like the first time that we were entered this world: our world.”

Your words, your gentle way to pronounce them, they made me feel wrapped in a warm embrace, and in silence, I have asked you to continue.
You made me show, only with the imagination, the other things, we would have see in Blue City.

We were on the hill in front of the mountain, but you was indicating me that or this building or street, just below us, imagining to see the city, just under us, in the valley.

What we were feeling was something inexplicable.
Occasionally we had shared sweet glances, and even if we knew that wasn’t real, we have continued to imagining it.
I have asked: “… what is, there?’ indicating a point in the Burn Valley, holding tight your arm, around me, and you have continued to describe me Blue City and their strange inhabitants.

We were alone, and we were flying with our fantasy, and our emotions were wrapping us, and we didn’t wanted that everything this had no end.

We were looking at the imaginary Blue City just below us, and in meanwhile it was itself developing in our heads, the real idea that we were ready to make the jump.

We looked at each other, and for a moment we had believed to fall in our deepest self: and maybe, we have done it, for real.
Our souls touched, once more. We remained breathless.
It was like, the breathe of the one given oxygen to the other, and in someway it was like this.

After a deep and long glance, you have said: “It’s better we go back home…”
I smiled nodding.
You have helped me to stand me up, but earlier to walk you have tightened my hips, and with sweet passion, you have kissed me.”



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