“You have

reading11_fondigranaLooked at me and you have repeated me that phrase for fear, i hadn’t listened it. Instead i have understood it. My heart stopped itself for a second then you have touched my face and i have smiled you and i’ve nodded. 
‘While you was sleeping embraced to me i have heard the door of the shack opening itself. I do believe they got prepared the last things inside…’  You was looking at me. Our hearts were beating at unison and the last words you would wanted say me with your deep voice were been faster trought our minds.
Your perfume arounded me. I’ve hold back the breathe. I wanted say something but i cant made it. The only thing i have could do was stare your eyes and left me be guide by your senses I felt myself like in a sea where my emotions was the water and your perfume, your voice, your glance, your touch, was the current, and i had to follow them.
You was seeing me a bit lost, but determinated.
You knew what were the feelings i was feeling in those moments. They were tangibles.
We were still in the bed.
Slowly i took your hand and i have putted it on my chest. My heart was about to explode if you wouldnt have kissed me. Sweetly i whispered it. ‘Kiss me as you know do’.
I have needed of this in that moment. When our lips parted from eachother, you have looked at me profoundly and in that glance a twirl of emotions were crossed one with another and i have could feel everything you would do for me.
Slowly that feeling that blocked me was fading away and another sweet kiss would have give me the breathe to say you which was my feeling and what i wanted to say you since i have opened the eyes.
Sighing i’ve said you ‘I love you much, Luke’.”



“In your ⇒

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