I’m here

luke02catturaforteIn my bedroom, where does it starts everything, and i can feel our connection get stronger and stronger. I close the eyes and i can feel you wrapping me with your arms, and i feel your whisper ‘Stay with me….’ and i feel you hands holding me tight from behind and slowly you turn me. and our eyes meet. Our hearts beat are strong.
Here in this bedroom everything is more magic. I can feel still your words and what you have told me it resounding amongst these four walls and it’s like these words wanted wrapping me. I rembember perfectly what you have told me in that dream and the sensations we have felt and for magic it is begun our magic Parallel World.
I’m thinking you. I’m whisppering your name, i know in someways you can feel it.
We can feel our emotions pumping our blood.
Sometimes i feel you so close to me that i wouldnt wonder myself of for real you was here next me.


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