“We were still

luke19_sovrappostoArounded us by sensations mixed up with the words just spoken, memories and other things that were flowing in us and floating in the air and we were still dazed and our hearts beating hard. In this shack the atmosphere was became muffled. And everything we could did was listen to the nature sound outside.
Our thoughts were flowing fast trought our minds.
Occasionally we shaked our heads. We were thinking again what which we had said to eachother. We had smiled, without say nothing.
Our emotions were growing up rapidly, and even a soft touch, a glance, could unleash something that even us, we hadnt know what it was.
Our souls, after were been divided in another time, had tried to communicate even trought dreams, and each of us had felt the presence of the other even earlier of our meeting in that dark, noisy and smokey bar. In those few istants we had feel something that had overwhelmed us, and the only thing that we wanted to do was to embraced us tight.
You was approached yourself to me and kindly you have opened the arms to wrap me. Gently i dived myself into your chest, embracing you too. One in the arms of the another, now we were sure to be there , where the destiny or whatever was, had wanted that we were to be.
Beyond to your warmth, i was wrapped by your perfume, and now you had started to whisper me words that trough your deep voice, seemed only a sweet melody.
Slowly the Markùts, Fenkuz and Pyr had left us alone.
As if we were found ourselves again, we were embraced us tight in that shack, while outside was happening something of wonderful. And the furry animals were attracted by the shrills sounds of Kapi that was flying and he seemed that he was bringing himself  behind that wonderful moltitude of colors.
Instead was you was doing this, with your sweet voice.”



⇐“As if we

“Your voice ⇒

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