“As if we

cattura14_forteWere awaken from that magical dream, you have said me ‘I have had the same perception that we met us in a dream, but i wasnt sure of that… but now, i know it’s been so’
At this time one of the Markùts has intervened so delicately that his voice seemed came from our souls.
He said ‘When two soulmates try to reunite their souls in one, they look for communicate in any way possibile, and you were been able to’.
You still looked at me, as if i had told you something of inexplicable, instead it was true.
‘Me too, when i looked this shack that it was building itself in front of us, i didnt wanted believe it’ i’ve said.
We were looking at around us and everything seemed so incredible.
You have added ‘Here i’ve passed  many beautful moments of my life’ and i could feel them, flowing inside of me.
And then ‘When i left my ex,  one night i slept here and i thought if ever i had meet another girl special like her or even more…. the words of my grandma resounded even more loud in my head. They didnt had left me, till a night i done a dream that left me a strange sensation, a sensantion of a girl, then i decided to move myself, i couldnt stay at my parents no more. In someways that dream, that sensations shaked me. In two weeks or so, i’ve found the appartment.
For a long time that sensation of a girl didnt have leave me. I had believed i was going crazy. I thought also it was because i had broken with my ex, instead when i was entered in that bar and i’ve noticed you, i have understood immediately it was because i had must meet you’
While you was telling me that, i was  just only looking at you speechless and our hearts were beating fast and delicately i’ve touched your face and you have kissed sweetly my hand.”


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