“Your voice


Seemed the right melody to conclude this magic, while outside it was happening something of strange and sincerely, maybe we hadnt understood was it about, and perhaps the shrills sound of Kapi it wasnt a sound of happiness but only a warn. 
We were still inside the shack and only at the end we had understood that there was that did wrong.
Even Fenkuz had understood not much of the shrill sound of  Kapi, that was flying boldly in the air and he was coming to warn us.
From what Fenkuz understood, Kapi was flying over the Burn Valley and on the bordline he had seen a dark and threatening cloud and inside he had listened to some voices not much so tranquilizers.
We were looked to eachother and in a thread of voice, i said ‘It’s back… the nothing is back…!’. Fenkuz was still translating the shrill sounds of Kapi, and while he was trying to get calm him, he said ‘No, the nothing has been defeated, but it seemed some of its followers, wants try to destroy your world again. It seemed that, when you were in the forest, you have spent much of your energy for make it reborn and you had left uncovered a little part of the Burn Valley and they have found a gap to enter, but the gap is thin for make enter everybody in one only time’
We were looking at first Kapi then Fenkuz that was collecting the informations from his friend, then we were looking us and as in the same time, we asked ‘… left uncovered?’ At this point Fenkuz spoken ‘Your love has a great power. It’s able to cover, defend everything you see around, even without do nothing. Do you see it up there?’ Fenkuz was indicating the moltitiude of colors above us. We nodded. He continued ‘ These are your last emotions. They are so powerful. They can protect us, but we must to close that gap in the Burn Valley. Till the emotions’ effect works we are safe, but we must study a plan, if we dont want the gap open itself more’.
We had look at Fenkuz in silence and we knew that Our Parallel World was the only thing that we had to really taking care. There, was our great love and we having to fight for it, and now even for each our friends.”



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