I must

daily_default13forteTake a deep breathe, cause i feeling you’re coming and slowly i can feel your embrace.
I, also feel your whispers, and my heart is beating hard. I close my eyes and what which i see is only our parallel world with its wonderful colors of our emotions that melt themselves one in another, and i feel our hearts beating at unison.
You are embracing me sweetly.
Each time, you leave me  breathless. I whisper your name, and i believe to drive crazy, everytime i do it.
Our connection is making itself always more strong everyday is pass by.
I feel you so close to me, also we are so far one from another.
Our bond is like a thin thread, but it’s there and we only can feel it.
As in my tale. I have little perceptions and then they become reality…. I dont how explain it…. I sighing.
It’s happening only with you. Is it possible Our Parallel World isnt only just in my imagination? Or it’s happening for real?


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