“We went”- ○168○


There, at you favourite little corner.
Your eyes were looking for something of real magical inside me.
Me, I felt myself, as if you was looking at me for the first time, and in someway, you was doing it: I didn’t understand what was happening. Your eyes, and of consequence you, was able to see the most hidden part of myself that also me, i didn’t knew.
Without talk, you was able to make it come out.
I was close to you, we were looking at each other.

It was the first time that i felt this emotion: It was like, as if something, was coming out in me, something that i wanted hide since I was born, and i didn’t know, not even that it existed.

You was looking at me, and you was discovering something new, but that you had know, already, since our first meeting in the bar.
I was blushing, I felt myself turned over like a sock.

Slowly you have caressed my face, moving my hair.
I didn’t know how to escape from this thing that was strangling me from inside, and you slowly was making it came out, only staring me.

Slowly, and kindly, without ever take off your eyes from mine, you have sighed, earlier to talk: “You have assimilated all the powers of your past life. You have become a real witch… a white witch. Since you was born little by little you have acquired all these powers: remember what did you told me? When you was a child, you were feeling perceptions which then became reality?’
Shyly, I nodded.

Everything was so simple. You was looking at my transformation and you had no fear of it, cause you knew i had something of magical inside of me, already from our first glance in the bar.

And now, you was looking at the most beautiful thing that was happening just next to you.
Your girlfriend had assimilated all the powers that she had since she was born: me, I felt myself, like invested by a truck, but now i could see, our world with more clarity.

You was looking at me, and sweetly you have approached yourself to me and without hesitation, you have leans your lips on my mouth, whispering my name.”


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