Then ask

owen141_moltiplica-1Yourself how is it possible too. All this connect between you and me. When i was wake up myself this morning, the feel i’ve felt it was a mix up of joy and it did come from you. Something said me it was just your dutie. And it’s almost clarified. They will be still days, in stand by, but then it will be alright. I feel it. And i’m wait for. And all this takes you to me. I dont need to close my eyes, but i must take a deep breath. It’s so deep your closeness by my side, in these hours, and i can imagine you, i can see you here, in this bedroom, next to me. You are in silence, looking at this pc screen waiting for to read my words that i say you trough my open diary. What which i feel are our lights floats around, and our parallel welcomes us. What i feel is your thoughts towards to me, maybe you are dreaming of me, and what which you feel is that in this moment i think of you, and that makes you feel quiet. Those i’ve felt the other day and to the end it  did come true, it scared me a little. Our bond is growing fast, despite we still dont know eachother. But i’m sure something in our parallel universe has made click and it born those special feeling we have. Our parallel world. In these hours i was thinking of what has happened, a something inside of me, told me to stay quite. Maybe it was you who have whispered it me. I have smile and i was think immediately to you.  Im sure it was you. Now i feel you embrace me tight.



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