If i

bw152forteiThink to all what is happening among us and how’s happening, my head turns like a spinning top and it doesnt stop. It turns fast and to close my eyes and taking a deep breath it’s a necessity to dont faint. Since when i’ve start to feel this strange connect with you, my perpeceptions has grow  up faster. And i still surprised myself always more. My feelings, my thoughts towards to you, are always right. I dont want believe it’s just a my sensantion. But these sensansations i have had till now, didnt never wrong. When i feel my head explode, as in this moment, if i close my eyes, i can feel you here by my side. And not to be romatic, at any costs, but for real, i feel something link us. I’ve called it our parallel world. How to call it otherwise? My imagination can exceed some limits, but how come when i feel you have something to tell me, i feel it few days early. In these two days, i have had the perception  of what you have would do, and you did it. How do you call this? And now my vise in my stomach is fighting against the continuos punch i feel.
I will be crazy, but these sensations are real, and despite  we are far, one from another,  i feel you so close to me, and i’m sure you are feel something like similar, there on the side of the planet.
And my head still turns like a spinning top



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