Isnt impossible

blueeyes191_moltiplicaDont  feel you close to me. You arrived slowly behind me and sweetly you have embrace me. Despite our distance, you are next to me. Our minds get connect eachother. I feel our flows around and you smile to me. But tough i need to take a deep breath to dont drive crazy, cuz i feel your arms around me. I feel them trough my t-shirt. I feel your whisper ‘Im with you’ and i feel your arms hold me sweet tightly. My breath get shorter and shorter. Despite our distance, despite all, i feel your desire to stay with me. Slowly i turn and finally we are in front one of another. Our eyes meets and one of our most great emotion explode around. We feel it, while you take my face in your hand. You softly caress it. I blush myself for a second. Your skin against mine, makes me thrill. In that exact moment my heart  seems to stop. You take me and makes me turn in air, smiling me. Then, slowly you make me slide on your body. And when we are face to face ‘You make me feel alive’, you whisper me. I caress your sweet face, and my lips meet your for a fleeting kiss. When you lay me on the floor, we dont take off eyes, one from another.  My hand is still caressing your face, and gently you place my finger on your neo. For a moment, that it seems no ends, we dive ourselves in ours glances and breathless we approaching eachother to remain so, while our beings melt in one of another.



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