It seemed that

The Universe wants unite us in all the costs, and we don’t make any resistence. We are here  that we are awaiting for that our destiny is crossing each other, while we both feeling our connection making itself  always stronger.

This morning i have felt your arms surrounding my belly, and our soft punch in the stomach has become delicately stronger, and yesterday our electric shocks were delicatly and right after your story on instagram, and after long time that screenshot that i didn’t have seen from long time.
Maybe, i’m a real witch and you have seen my notification, and what i’m feeling from seven years, it’s real. 
Our Parallel World it’s real and what we are living only us are capable to feel, and everything we are feeling in these latest months is become a feeling bigger thank for the stones i have sent you. 

It would be so beautiful to know, what you have thought when you have opened the parcel and maybe there is will be the possibility.
I feel your arms around my belly, and they are tightening me more to you.
Your whispers are entering inside my soul, and my heart is beating hard.

I’m throwing away the air from the lungs, hoping that that dream can become true.
That thin thread is becoming always shorter and thicker.
If i close the eyes i can see you in front of me, and you are elonganting your hand toward mine.
Slowly we are coming closer each day is passing.
I thinking to you always more often, and i know you are doing the same, staring those stones. 


Listen to it 🔉⤵🔮

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