Without realizing we fallen asleep among the arms of who was embracing us, and all of sudden everything we had faced up have vanished. 
We have been enveloped by a sweet sensation of invicibility, and hearing the noises of that city that very slowly have awake itself,  it making us feel  inside a new world. 
We have met us in our own dreams, feeling certain emotions that we had forgot.

You entered in the striptease club, with your black coat collar’ up, and you have sat on a stool in front of the counter, waiting that that big creature have came to serve you.
It was the very first time that you have stopped in that city. 
You had crossed it many times without ever stop. 
For you it was only a simply city, with nothing interest, but  that time your car have wanted get you in trouble, and it have stopped just a kilometres far that small inhabitated centre. 

The car had gave you some signs, but you had not even the time and above all the money for a modest car mechanic
Entering in that club, you had believed that it was only a simply pub, and you had not noticed that behind that brownish drapery there was another local, but looking for a phone, but when some trumpets have started to play strong, you have looked at with wide eyes open the giant with an unique eye in the middle of his forehead and silent, you have asked him: “What’s that?” 
The barman with his grimace printed on his enormous face, have replied with an another question: “New uh? What  can i serve you?” He have looked at you, taking the rag, and he have started clean the glass in which he would have pour what you have would order, but of all the drinks you have listed, he had not even one.

A laugh have born  spontaneously from the bottom of that little anteroom, and a voice have said: “Cyclope get prepare him you speciality, i’m sure that he will appreciate it more than of what he have order”,  the big beast behind the counter have replied: “Yes, madam!”, and in few minutes Cyclope have poured  his drink in your glass.
You have turned to see who had ordered for you, but the lamp on the table, more than lit, obscuring that figure, and you have not see nobody, only her dark silhouette that was spreading in that small space.

You have continued to looked at toward that part, searching for understand who had spoken, but at end you have gave up yourself, and got back to stared that glass, while you was swallowing another sip.

Looking at Cyclope, you have tried understand in which place you was ended, but the glance of that giant in front of you, have not  revealed nothing. He was looking at you, only in waiting of an approval, and from that dark table the same female voice have said: “He will don’t stick off his glance from you till you will say him if you like or don’t”. 
You have almost jolted at this warning, and you have turned a second time toward the female voice, and as if you have replied him, you have said: “Yes, i like it much…. it’s very different from the usual drinks that i drink.”
“It’s not that you have to say it to me. Say it to him!” And you have turned, looking at the glass first then you have looked at Cyclope. You was about to repeat what you had said me, but  the barman have stopped you before you have talked.

“It’s ok Daria, it’s fine, don’t worry… happy you like it” and he have continued to stared you for a bit in silent. 
On his big face it was printing  a grimace, that it have to being a smile, and shyly you have gave it back, always giving a glimpse toward that table, and toward that silhouette, questioning yourself who was hiding behind that dark figure, but it have remained in our mind, but Cyclope knew well what running in your head, but he have not pronnounced nothing. He only, was looking at you, waiting that that female voice spoke again. 

He didn’t have waited for long.
“Hey you stranger, come to my table!”
And for the first time you have tried a bit of  dread, and while you have looked at the only eye of Cyclope, who have gave you  a little of courage. 
“She doesn’t bite, go!”
You have looked at him for a last time and you have got up and you directed toward that table.
When my face have lifted up below a big hat, our glances have met, and i have prayed you to sat.”



Listen to it🔉⤵




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