It’s happening

Again, and maybe even you are realizing of that. 
Our minds are strong connected each other. That soft punch in the stomach haven’t ever left me. 
Your arms are embracing me softly, and what i’m feeling in these hours, in these days is the greatest feeling. 

I can feel our minds are strongly connected each other. I try to think to other things, but it’s almost impossible.
What i wrote tonight  it reflecting, what are running in our minds, and i can’t make it nothing, because, the more i go on, more that thought is hammering my mind, and by now it’s useless say what i’m think because you know it welll, and more i think, more my inner emotions can explodes at any time.

When i went to bed i have feel your arms arounnd my belly, and you have embraced me all night. 
Your closeness have accompanied me till when i opened the eyes, and i still feel your closeness arounbd inside that small bedroom.. 
My head is slowly exploding. 
You see, you get me in confusion while i try to write, and another double number have appeared in this moment. If i place my hand on my chest, i can feel my heart going crazy. 

That small turquoise stone is accomplishing his magic, and despite we are far one another, that rope is get shorting itself, and what we are feeling inside is something that is about to explode around and above all inside our minds.

By now it’s from four days that i’m feeling these emotions all time, even in hours that usually i can write about a fantasy world. 
These wonderful emotions stops me, and i have to try  to describe what i’m feeling, but sometimes, it’s harder than i can imagine.

If i stop to look at you that soft punch in the stomach grow, and what i feel is greater than me, and often some teardrop fallen.
I can feel your arms around my belly and you are tightening me strong to you.

Everyting is becoming always more beautiful when i dive myself into your eyes, and my finger delicately touch your tiny mole. 
It’s there i want hid myself with you. Where you can hear my heart crazy, and where i can stay in silence. Hear your breath, mixed with few sweet words, in which you explain me what you are feeling in these moments, when our souls are merging one in another.

Our litte magic is accomplishing in these hours, and slowly we are realizing of it, while our hearts are going crazy.


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