“After we” – ╚16╔

Slowly got back in that atmosphere from which we were escaped, we had notice something strange.
We looked at each other wide eyes, as if our own breathes got scared us, and we held back the breathe for listen to what we did have hearing no longer.

The continuos tapping of the rain on the window, was radically disincreased: we could hear just some roaring of a far thunder, and our glances were meeting, with only a question in mind, but we had fear to formulate it aloud.

You was embrace me tight to you, and more scared than else, we were staring the sky over the window.
It was dark yet, but now just a soft rain was getting wet the glass of the window, and the yellowish light of that street lamp, of we didn’t get used  yet, was spreading  more his light inside the bedroom, and everything seemed surreal.

That continious buzz of the rain, was something that our ears had put in count, to hear each minute, each hours, each second, for all the time we would remained there, and now that sudden silence had upheaveled us.
We were on the edge of the ravine, and we were about to fall in the void.

A gelid sense had wrapped us, and only that soft tapping, some lightening from very far, it saying us that for that instants we had won: we had in part, defeat that force, but in our deep, we knew that we hadn’t totally defeat it.
They were hasn’t enough some snuggles to making go away all that.
Without realizing of it, maybe, we had faced up to it in a different way.

From the salamander words, we had understood that from when it had covered the city with his darkness, that force had spread dread in everyone, and whom was try to do something different from the new rules, he would been banned, and the weird thing, it was that none had heard talking about those new rules, and only in this way, that big fear to be banned, was standing. 
And everybody was making attention to go straight for their street without get unnerve that bad thug, whom occassionally, reserved a table in that pub to control that everything was going according those inisistents rules.

Maybe, he hadn’t seen us as a threat, when had left the pub, but like just two simpleton new creatures, arrived in that city, in search for something to eat.

Speaking softly, we were reasoning on it, and at end you said: “We must to continue to act, without get suspect him, and maybe putting together these two forces together, maybe we will able to do it”, and i nodded.
The other thing, it was the capacity of the creatures to make reliving some experiences that had lived everybody at the same time.
Slowly, i was figuring where you wanted go to end up.

A plan was taking form: now we had to talk with the others, and we had to make it as soon as possible.
Sweetly, we smiled at each other, and giving us a latest passionate kiss, we had decided to got back in that pub, that it seemed an escape way for everybody in that neighborhood.

We had eated something nutrious, we had made love,  we had rested, and now we were ready to leaving again.
We were get prepared ourselves to get wet once again, but this time another heat different of that one of Typhoon, was warming our souls, and when you have opened the door, you have smiled, and i threw away the air from the lungs. 

That soft rain has begun to get wet us again.”


Listen to it⇓⇓


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