“You were”- short sory ♠73♠

Right to got back in your apartment.
It was enough far from the bar, from that situation that we weren’t still ready to face up to, and we didn’t really understand.

Who was that creature who had taken the control of the neighborhood spreading terror with that threat? It was the question that was hammering our heads since we had see it enter in the bar.
Maybe, in someways,  we were the maker of this upheaval, and everything could have origin from the Burn Valley that you had made me see: maybe even that GoldLizard has been invoveld in that travel of return, and now he was among human beings, that at his turn, he considering strange creatures.
They were questions that we made us, whispering. 

You had gently lay me on the sofa: i had still the heart that beating hard, and just drinking some water it would have got calm.
Got back from the kitchen with the glass, you settled in front of me, and you have looked at me, questioning yourself: “…and now what we can do?” I drunk some sips, and i gave you back the glass, and again our glance met. 
“Now the only thing to do is discover from how long this creature has arrived here, and the only who can know it is Philip himself”, we knew what it would have meant: get back there with a plan, and maybe put in danger our lives, but for surely, that GoldLizard had to come back from where he has arrived, and leave in peace that small neighborhood.
Now, it was you with wide eyes, but you knew, even that it was the only thing that i would have do, with or without your permission. You were knowing one my point of force: my determination, and in those seconds you was watching it trough my eyes, and at end you have nodded after a long minute in which didn’t was flying a fly. 
We both have threw away the air from the lungs.

That morning we were came out to have breakfast at the bar, and the special breakfast of Philip went to hell, and after that day, it has came the evening, and we hadn’t still eat nothing, and something inside us was asking for not just water.
My stomach had murmuring his right to eat, and after a big gurgling, you have smiling, and softly you said: “I go get prepare something”. 
For now, we have could not get back there, so we have taken time to reflect on what to do: put down a sort of plan, hoping to don’t fall in some trap, and free, at least the bar, and the person who i considered a sort of dad.

You had brought a tray with some sandwiches that you had got quickly prepared, and smiling you said: “It will not the special breakfast of Philip, but is always somethng to eat”. I have looked at you blushing, then for a second the hunger has vanished, and a sweet touch among our lips has filled our souls of another hunger, but has been a short instant, then our stomachs have reclaim their real need of food.
We have remain breathless for what we had felt in those shortest seconds, but the we were awakening us, and we have  bite with voracity the first sandwich, and without realize, we had finished all them.

We had filled our bodies with new energies, and now with all commitment, i had taken some sheets of paper, and i was about to put down some drafts of what we have would do in the next hours.
Looking at the girl who you had in front, you was thinking how much courage i had, and you have continued to stare me, as if, i was a small warrior, and for what you had seen i was, and i was about to fight another battle.
Delicately, you have touched my hand, crossing the fingers with mine, and without say nothing, you have made me understand that you have would fight next to me this, and in all other wars that i would face up.

I looked at your crossed fingers with mine, then: “Tomorrow will be a hard day, let’s go up”, and our eyes met again, and with me among your arms, we went up.”


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