I’m throwing away

Air from the lungs, from before: each time i feel our connection happens this.

My soft punch in stomach is growing fast, and my hand starts to shake on this keayboard.

It has happened the other day, and you are appeared: it was from long that didn’t happen.
And now, your embrace is enveloping strong.
From that far land your glance is set on me, and i can feel it.
I hold back the breathe, because i still don’t believe to all this magic between us, and all these double numbers want say us something: but what?
I throw away all the air from the lungs, and meantime my head is exploding.
I’m feeling your sweet embrace, and your words are strangling me from inside.

It was from long that i didn’t feel these great emotions inside, and around me.
I missing you, but i know, you are closer than i can imagine.
I feel your closiness, but above all i can feel your eyes straight inside my soul.

In our own way, we are kiss us softly, and our mind are exploding at same time, without know the reason.
This our way be close one another, and more we have difficulty to swallow, more our closiness is tangible.
My heart is beating strong.


Listen to it ⇓⇓

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