“Without make us” – short story ♠71♠

Notice, we have acrossed the othe small sidewalk, and we got enter in the building where at the last floor, was my room.
It seemed we were two thieves that were about to rob something, but on contrary, it was the only safe place in which we could stay in those hours, and above all, to comprhend better what was happening in all the neighborhood.

When we got arrived inside the small room,  when i have closed the door with the only two send, we threw away the air from the lungs, and i went to open half curtains to see the street.
The room had need to new air, but i didn’t have open the small window, but i went to open that hid window in bathroom: i knew that, despite the room was on the high floors, if the wind  had turn round toward in the right way, even the minimum noise it would be heard in the street, and this we didn’t wanted to.

I started slow, explaining to you all this, while you was looking at where i was live much astonished. 
In that small room there was just the minimal things of which i really need, and while i was walking in that passage between the bed and the bathroom, you was looking at me how i was reasoning about how it was happened a thing like that, and above all  i was questioning myself, if in this bar i would find again Philip.

I had moved away a bit the white curtain from the window, and i was looking at in street, and what i was watching was a total diffrent world from that one we were got used to be to see.
You got up from the edge of bed, and you came next to me, and together we have started to stare a creature who was walking toward the bar: it seemed a giant gold lizard, with on a leather jacket with some attached chains on the sleeves, and his way to walk made them sound one against each other: he seemed a leader of some gang.

At his passage everybody moved away to make him pass, and we have could hear his great tone of voice, when he got enter in the bar. We remained breathless, hoping to hear the Philip voice. 
In those instants we were looking at us, without breath.
The bar noise till now almost deafening, got slow down, and it has reached till to become a deadly silence.
We had understood just in those seconds, that everything was totally changed, and even in the worst way.
In that silence, however something has made us jolt: Philip was still there, and with trembling voice was asking what he would like to order that evening, and with great joy we have threw away all the air the we held back. 

We looked at each other, and in the following minutes you have embraced me, whispering:”Everything will go fine”, and i have dive in your chest, while your eyes were wandering in that white room, when you have hold the breathe. 
Leaned on the chair in front the window you had recognized that shirt that you had seen fly away from my body, and delicately, you have wanted to stare at me once again: you have taken my face among your hands, and without say nothing, you have dragged me on the bed, like in your apartment, you have tightened my hips, looking at me from down to up, and delicately you have pulled me always more toward you, and despite to what was happening in the Philip bar, you have wanted other time  for loving me, and i left you do. 

That love had waited for long, and now to make love was the most beautiful thing that you could do with me.
Sweetly i welcomed you inside me, and keeping your face in my hands, i have moan: “I love you”, while you have pushed yourself still more inside.”


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