Your embrace

Has woke me so delicately, and now i’m feeling our connection stronger than ever. 
The soft punch in the stomach is there, and is become bigger each minutes is pass.
My heart is beating hard: doesn’t want to stop itself.
When i saw that third visualisation from that far land, my heart has exploded literally, and now you are here close to me, i have difficulty to breathe. 
It were days that i’m not felt this enveloping sensation that born inside the stomach.

When you wake me me embracing me is the most sweet way to start the day, and everything i feel for you, all in a sudden, growing faster. 
To be sincere i have started to feel your closiness since last evening, but it was a weak sensation, but now i feel you around me, and that caress you have gave me on the lips, now it’s the most beautiful emotion i feel.

The soft punch in the stomach will accompany me for all day, and our connection will stronger than ever. 
I have missed to feel these sensation crossing all my being: i looking at you, and i’m questioning: “Do you feel the same what i’m feeling right now?”
 I hold back the breathe….. what i wrote tonight is what i feel…

These five years are the most beautiful years of my life…. 


Listen to it ⇓⇓

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