“You threw away” – short story ♠23♠

All the air from the lungs, and you have drink the latest sips from the bottle of beer, and you have left the big window from where outside, it was unleashing a real storm, but it seemed you hasn’t hearing to anything.
Seemed you was enter in a state of trance, but you knew exactly where you had to go. 
You had, even left the beer bottle on the desk of your grandpa.

You had feeling just the need to close the eyes, and lay yourself in bed: trying to send away that sensation that you hasn’t been able to send away, not even drinking big sips from that beer.
Till now, the only way that seemed did works, was to throw away the air from the lungs, but you could not do it for all night.

You went up, and for the latest time you did it: then you sat down on the edge of the bed looking at ahead, without see nothing, and breathing slow, you made you slide on the bed, without neither taking you off your clothes.
The only noise was heard it was the sweet tap of the little rain on the window. 
Little by little you have closed the eyes, and you fallen asleep. 

After few minutes, you have re opened them with me close to you. 
You had still the sunglasses on, and with a sweet gesture i’ve take them off. I was talking to you, but you hasn’t been able to hear what i was saying you.

But in those instants, you was feeling, once again, those sensations that you had felt on that bench, maybe, in an intenser way.
Our glances were straight one another, and i was approaching to you. 
You was realizing that i was on bed with you, and what it was breathing in the air was something big.

You could feel my breath increase more, and my eyes wanted to catch each skin imperfection, and slowly i put myself on you.
With firmness, you have tightened my hips with both hands, and for a second, i inclined my head backward, closing the eyes. 
Your hands has made me feel something i never felt before, and i was about to left me go, but i held back

Your hands were sliding under my soft shirt, and delicately, for the first time you was touching my skin. 
Our breathes were merging one in another, formating a small, and slow vortex that has got up, leaving the bedroom through the window.
My hands were touching your chest, unfastening sweetly the shirt, and at each botton i was opening, our gazes met, while i was biting my lips, for the excitement. 
My glance has become more languid, then delicately, you has been able to change the rules, and in this quick changing, our perfumes were enveloped our senses.

Now, i was on the matress. We has stared at each other. I was breathlesss waiting for your move.
Slowly you lowered yourself on me, and our lips delicately touched. 
I placed the hands on your chest, and i could feel your heart has started to beat faster: you kisses were sweet on my lips, and slowly, my hands were taking your shirt off. 
Everything was becoming sweetly faster: our glances, our touches, our kisses, our perfumes that merging one with another, has made think us to take the flight, while our bodies were becoming only one, while everything slowly vanishing, and the only muffled sounds we could hear were our moans, i who was getting more wet welcoming you always inside me.
By now, we only staring at each other, knowing  that we were about to reach our point of no return.

Slowly, we were feeling it, and we didn’t wanted stop.
Delicately a great warm push, has exploded inside us, and all around were exploded thousands and thousand of stars, and we were projected us inside them.

You have wided the eyes: you had the heart was at maximum: you has touched your chest, and it was like you still feeling my hands on you. 
You threw away the air from the lungs, then with a bit hurry, you went down: you wanted to see better the sky, because in bedroom was covered by the other buildings.
You ran down toward the big window, but you hadn’t see anything. 
You was about to turn, when a glimmer that was enlarging itself always more, seemed was making collution with the earth, instead has clashing another one, and in that clashing, you have seen exactly what you had seen in you dream. 
You was staggered, and breatheless.
You was walking backward: you didn’t wanted take your glance off.
All in a sudden you was fallien on the floor: you was still looking at outside.”


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