I have seen that, my thought are running fast in my head, and my head is beating like a jackhammer.

Just after you have tweeted, you didn’t have replied me, but you came to read what i wrote here.

Since has happened my thoughts are scrambling, and my vise in the stomach is tightening me stronger,almost i’m not able to breathe. 

I hold back the breathe, for then throw it away. 
Since i woke i feel your embrace tightening my belly.
In someway, the universe is approaching us, in the strangest way possible.

When i feel your closiness make itself closer, i’m starting to shake like a leaf.

By now the short story that i’m writing describing exactly what i’m feeling in this period, and they are strong emotions.
Now, i’m sure there is something bigger than us that has united us from very far, and when i think to you: when i feel that strange tangle inside me, it’s that rope that tangling our souls in an indissoluble, even if we are far. 

My little voice is saying me, that you are feel the same, and i have to throw away the air from the lungs, in meanwhile my heart is exploding inside me.

That little universe is formating in front of us, and now we are looking at it, silenciously.
You are pulling me toward your chest. 
We are looking at each other.
Everything is becoming always more beautiful.
This is Our Parallel World.


Listen to it ⇓⇓

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