“I never” – short story ♠18♠

Understand the need to know what time was. For me the time it wasn’t a priorty, but i could not change a need born centuries before, and i left involved myself, me too in this spiral to watch  the clock ocassionally.

When it has started i thought it was just a coincidence, and i didn’t neither much case, but more i went on, more these things were surrounded me, sometimes scared me.

When Philip has brought me for the first time in that room, that it would become mine, he made me notice that it hadn’t a clock or an alarm, but inside the drawer next to the bed there was a digital alarm clock still inside its original box.
I thanked him, but i said: “I think i will don’t use it”, but however i knew it was there in case of need.

I had left my parent from few, and now i had need to left me go: for several days, at least a week, i have slept without think to anything, and to anybody. I was alone, free from any duty that society wanted impose me.
I had found that small place, and for me it was what just i really need, but after the first week, i’ve decided to pull out from the drawer, the alarm clock, just to for curiosity. 
In someways, i wanted regulize me for to go down, at the bar for found a good breakfast, and not see Philip with wide eye open, when i entered in his bar asking a breakfast, when he was about to serving the lunch.

The first days, Philip has make me happy: i was the only one who at the lunch time had breakfast, but i could see his double work, and even if he didn’t make notice, it was hard, so i started to set my clock alarm. 
It was strange got back in my room and see those big digital big red numbers, almost merging with the red and blue lights of the Philip’s bar: they seemed they giving themeselves a romantic appointment for the next day.

The very first time i’ve noticed that strange thing it was the first evening that i sat the alarm clock for the the next morning: i went to sleep toward two. I was about to forget to turn on it, and when i taken it i’ve noticed were two twenty two: i smiled, saying me:” Look, what strange” then i laid on matress and i fallen asleep. 

The next morning the alarm clock rang punctual at the hour i had set. 
Slowly i opened the eyes, and little by little, i resurfaced, going directly to open the small window, making enter new fresh air, then still asleep, i went in bathroom, having totally forget, what i had seen before to fall asleep. When i got back in the room, after having inhaled the new air, i looked at the alarm clock, and those red big numbers, and they were marking twelve and twelve.
Without thinking it, i’ve continued to dress me, then, all in a stroke, i stopped, and i’ve remember what i had see just before to sleep. 
I shaked the head, as if i wanted to refuse those little coincidences, and i finished to dress me, for then run to the bar for have a delicious breakfast of those that Philip preparing that i have start to appreciate immediately. 
When i was ready to go out, i closed the fluttering soft white curtain, leaving that the new air entered in the room.

I remained a bit without moving in the middle of it, between the bed and the bathroom opened: those big red numbers were making the room still more disquieting: it seemed was bleeding, and that one that was sliding over the white curtain reflecting itself on the walls of the room, it was a twenty one twenty one, red blood.
I’ve stared it without breathe, till it has changed number. 
I was on the treshold for exit, but i ran toward the bed, and in hurry i taken the alarm clock, and i placed it once again inside the drawer. 
All this matter was scaring me much.

I threw away all the air from the lungs, and i went out, i had to, and i wanted to make a big breakfast, forgetting that alarm clock and its big numbers.


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