That sensation

Has grow up inside, and everything  is become as i wished. 
That soft punch in stomach is there, and slowly it expanding itself like an oil spot.
When i meeting those eyes, think to drive crazy. 
Everything is vanishing, and slowly in this world does exists just us.

My heart is beating strong, and i have to throw away the air from the lungs. 
I leave ajar my mouth, because i feel you are about to touch my lips, and our eletric shocks are crossing sweetly our minds.

It’s so. 
If someone of us starts to think to the other, this magic connection begin to active itself, and everything starts to spin. 
I feel your embrace, and our minds get connect
Everything is so simple; everything is expand, and we are the only ferrymen of these sensations that we are feeling one for another.

Sometime i just see those your eyes and i think to go crazy, and i can’t hold back the tears.
Your closiness is really tangible, and i think to be able to touch you, despite we are so far.

Sometime, i don’t know what to think,  but just what has happened five years, it’s the most beautiful thing has happened in my life.


Listen to it ⇓⇓

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