“After that” – ♥45♥

The latest table was settled at its place, and everybody were looked at themseselves around, everybody present held back the breathe for then threw it away, looking at the giant creature who looking at himself around, then he stared at us straight in our eyes.
I nodded without say nothing then slowly everybody came to me, and even them nodded looking at him. 

What we wanted say him it was dead in throath, and the grey creature was slowly understanding, but just the Chameleon Woman with a simple gesture made that handover, and the grey big creature remained speechless: she gave him the Bill’ greasy apron, saying: “For sure Bill would have wanted that you had it”, and with all delicateness she have putted him on.

Bill, yes he was a big man, and that apron was of his size, but on that great creature, seemed small; the aprons’ end it arrived him at half  of his round belly, but he didn’t care of it. 
He was wearing it with pride, and little by little, he understood that he was been vested with an office very important: to continue the activity of the Bill’s local.

Now everybody present, were looking at him, and in their faces, bad ones or beautiful ones, were being born a small smile, looking for a good table to resting themselves. 

We looked at this scene still speechless.
Mantis was taking that bottle of Luminiscent to the grey big bald creature while shyly, he was going behind the long counter.
She gave it saying him: “Take care of it”.
The liquid inside bottle was still brightening by all emotions of the inhabitants of Blue City, and it seemed for real there was still Bill.

You was looking at you around, and delicately you have tightened my hand. I was looking at the big grey creature, still a bit akward who looking at himself around, but in someway, he knew where looking at. 
For pull him out from that moment of embarassement, i lifted my hand, and the giant creature came to us.
He thanked us for everything: i smiled him, and  by now, he knew what he would have to do, and finally he smiled, and then with serious tone of voice he asked: “What can i bring you?” i smiled him more: i was emotioned more than him, but at the end, i ordered another Luminiscent.
Leaving us i repeated him: “Bill would be proud of you.” 
He went away drying another big tear from the grey face that fallen on the floor, leaving a big wet spot.

We remained at our table with Mantis who among that chaos, hadn’t able to chat with us, but she had many questions to do.
She stared us for a long minute, and unconsciously we held back the breathe.”


Listen to it ⇓⇓


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