“Our emotions” – ♥13♥

Still were flowing among the big mountain and us, and we weren’t capable to say a words, as much we were moved.
We had gave back new life to that valley that it seemed the pulsing heart of Our Parallel World. 

Our soft breathes, now were merging to the breeze that slowly it was careesing us.
Standing, it had deleted everything the bad experinces that we had lived in all that cities, but it had gave us back every memories under a new light: i never forgot the agonizing tree in Blue City, and in somewhere it was blooming again, it had regain new limph, and now those tiny eyes were smiling.

Maybe it was true, maybe not, but what i’ve see in those instants, it made me feel lighter.
We have could see all our friends, now calmer, and the sound of the Whale was reosunding in all the city.

We looked at each other, and you taken my hand: your soft touch wakening me up, from that wonderful atmosphere that sourrounding us, but with a thread of voice, you said: “We have to get back”
There the time it seemed stopped, but on the contrary we had passed almost an entire day, and the sun was leaving the place to the moon. 
I sighed to stay still a bit, till the sky was cover by the stars. 
How to say no to your princess You slow nodded. 
Slowly we have got up the little hill, and for other few minutes, we remained there to look at it
But then, kindly we have taken the street of the return.
I was a bit tired: you was reading it in my eyes, and without any effort, you have taken me in your arms, and we got back. 

Bathuè, who wasn’t see us get back, had left the others to see if we had need of something, but wisely, he put himself before to the Opal, and as valid scout, he waited for us. 
When he saw our return, he went toward you, and he asked what was happened to me, who among your sweet embrace, i fell asleep
“She is ok, just fell asleep herself… in the Burn Valley we spent all our energies.”
Bathuè nodded: he knew what you was talking about, and he said: “From here we have could see a big red light risen up to the sky, and everything slowly has starting to bloom, Fenkuz explained me better what are the red crystals”.
With me, and Bathuè, you were crossing the Morgur Village, said:” In all this bustle, maybe she has forget that she is who make go up and down the moon and the sun.” While you was telling this, you looked at me, among your arms, and your heart started to beat strong, and i have  felt it.
I  whispered your name sweetly.
“What we had feel in the Burn Valley, it has been one of the biggest emotions, from our return here” you have finished.

As soon The Little One, has heard your voice, has came out from his hut, and jumping around, has accompanied you, and Bathuè in front of the door of the apartment. 
Everybody were already sleeping, or finishing to sistemating the own bush.

Entering, you thanked Bathuè. He nodded, and he closed the door.
Inside, Giant Wolf and the puppy were sleeping inside their warm storage, while Trusting-Jack seemed mediting in his floating.
You didn’t wanted disturb him, but you knew, he had saw you, but even him didn’t say nothing.
It seemed he had understood immediately that thing of the sun and the moon.

We went upstairs, and sweetly you have laid me on the bed, then you took your shirt off, and sweetly you have laid close to me.
Our hearts has begun to beat at unison, and slowly you approached to me, embracing me again 

We whispered our names at the same moment.”


Listen to it⇓⇓


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