Oh my

What i’m feeling in these instants: you are tightening me sweetly the belly, puling my hips against you, and your perfume is flood my room.. 
I feel your closiness like this.
I’m biting my lips, and i’m starting to shake. 
It were several days that i didn’t feel your presence, but now, my heart is going crazy, and my fingers are starting to shake on this keyboard. 
The soft punch in the stomach is growing up, and that sensation it’s here around me.

Those visualizations of the other day, make me think immediately to you, and you know i almost never wrong. 
You are by my side, and you are reading what i write.

I close the eyes, and i feel your hands enveloping me delicately strong.
I’m closing the eyes, and i throw away the air from the lungs, and my shaking is starting, because i feeling your hands around me, and your perfume is making me literally crazy.

How much we are close despite our real distance.
In these days i was missing our connection; our feelings, our soft punch in the stomach, and above all our eletric shocks.

But today when has started it, everything it became soft, and the heat has grown up inside me i whispered: “Here you are”, and slowly you tighened my belly, sighing me: “I’m here”. 

Now, in these instants i feel you closer than ever: in these moments you are saying me that you have not forget me (i know), but you had something to do (i know even this), and now you got set free yourself, and our connection is strenghtening itself with your embrace, and everything you making me feel.

We together, throw away the air from the lungs.


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