Taking breath

sito try to write to you something. But what can i write to you? Just a simple ‘Hello, how are you…i’m…’ it would be so stupid, but it would be also a simple way to enter in you life directly. But it would be also like another way to know about me. Another way to know about our parellel world. But i dont want to be trivial, stupid, common.
You wrote me, and never forget it you’ve spent some of your busy time to left me breathless. I would like that my words in someway, makes break trought your heart.
I really dont know, if you will have time to read every letters you will have receive and above all if you will have time, and above the desire to reply to all of them.
I have that @ that could  link me to you in a ‘special way’. But i ask myself  ‘maybe exceed myself to write you’ Maybe i’ll write to you one of these days. Maybe not. I really dont know. I really would love to open my mail and to see your reply.
Despite you wrote me first leaving me breatheless.




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