When you

Look at me in this way i just see ours parellel world in your eyes. And which i feel is strongest inside of me. Last night when i felt you in me and then suddenly you was apparead i thought it wasnt possible, instead it was you for real. I was breathless. I thought ‘How we are close to eachother’, despite ours distance. And also i write these few lines, in someways i feeling you by my side.  So close that, someways, my heart beats so faster and i hold back my tears.  Looking at you i can smell your skin. I can touch on your white shirt you have on. And you let me do it with no any resistance. Divin myself in your soul, i can feel your heart beat as mine. So slowly that white shirt falls down on the floor. For a while, its rustle drives me crazy. Dont move yourself. Just continue to look at me with those eyes, and you can hear to my breath makes itself always more faster. You take my hand to your chest and… a whisper ‘Do you hear it?’ Your heart beats as mine.  We get connecting eachother. We are in ours parellel world. Together. As we want. As we desire. Just like this.




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Just which you and me feel right now.  Our desire to kiss ourselseves with all our passion. Just this. I feel my dancing butterflies dances their own dance in my stomach. And i know is the same which you feel, also you’re so far from me. Our desire is palpalble in the air. Which new air we have breathed last night. Our new dimension of our parellel world. Where our new feelings are more deeply than ever.
We can touch ourselves just with our thought and our desire comes true. And the new air we feel inebriates us completly, and we smile ourselves. We embrace, just look at ouserlseves…. kissing eachother passionately.




Just few


nod from you, makes me feel so happy as a child. Your eye (and your mole) give you me the right feeling to goes on in that lonely day i’m passing just with my thoughts. And my thoughts are all just for you. With few pic and minivideo you let me know you’re ok and maybe now you are with you parents to spend the holidays with them.
I just hope you rest yourself a little, before to continue to write your novel. And maybe you can read the letter i sent you few days ago. And maybe you will have time, but above all, the desire to reply to that stupid letter.
However, you have no idea, how you made me feel happy with this few instagram story.  I thinking about you.



Taking breath

sito try to write to you something. But what can i write to you? Just a simple ‘Hello, how are you…i’m…’ it would be so stupid, but it would be also a simple way to enter in you life directly. But it would be also like another way to know about me. Another way to know about our parellel world. But i dont want to be trivial, stupid, common.
You wrote me, and never forget it you’ve spent some of your busy time to left me breathless. I would like that my words in someway, makes break trought your heart.
I really dont know, if you will have time to read every letters you will have receive and above all if you will have time, and above the desire to reply to all of them.
I have that @ that could  link me to you in a ‘special way’. But i ask myself  ‘maybe exceed myself to write you’ Maybe i’ll write to you one of these days. Maybe not. I really dont know. I really would love to open my mail and to see your reply.
Despite you wrote me first leaving me breatheless.







Up at me… I need you t dive myself into your eyes. I take your face in my hand. I need our forehead to forehead. Listen to our music in our souls. Feel our hearts beats so fast in unison. Need to hear you breath. Need your hands on me . I need your whispers. I need to feel you close to me. I need to be embraced by you. Need to feel your arms arounds my body. Need to smell your skin. Need to drive crazy for your mole. Need to touch on it. Need to unlace that shirt. Need to touch your chest, without say any words. Just listen to which our bodies tell us eachother. Need to look my eyes into your and melt eachother. Need to take flight to our parellel world and see how much is big our connection. Our bond. Need to know you need all that also, as i do in this moment. Need to know you feel that connection. Need to know you smell my skin. Need to know how bigger is our desire of eachother. Let me touch you trought your shirt. Let me look at in your eyes. No say anything. Let our souls speak for us. I need of all that. Let me say how bigger is my need of you. So big.

Let me a sign of you. I really need of you.





you look at me in this way, i can see all your sweetness you have in your heart and dive myself in your wonderful soul. This look  says everything about you.I see your  own light. And which i see it’s the most beautiful thing i’ve seen in my life. This look gives me the certainty of your love and i cant say anything. Just look at you and together we can get connect our souls and see our lights dancing and melts eachother. I touch on your mole. You look at me with your eyes where i see infinite ocean of love. … If i could touch you for real for a moment, I’m sure you could feel mine desire to be next to you, also say any words. Just look at you, metioning a smile, maybe blushing also. I never met an couple of eyes like your that says a lot without any spoken word. Your eyes tells me everything about you. Which are your desires,  your thoughts,. In your eyes i see just your sweetness and kindness you have for me. I’m sure if we meet eachother one day, the first thing we could notice will be our eyes. And we couldn’t stop to look at eachother. Because our own eyes is our own parellel world. Your is mine and mine is your.


how i’ve waited for this


moment tonight. How i missed your look. Your smell. Your eyes. Your hands and above all your warm hug. I’ve heard you called me. May i be sincere with you? I’m feel myself just with you. With you i can open my own heart without no to be afraid about your thoughts, because we are think the same way,  Just because i love stay in our parellel world. We feel the same feeling at the same way at the same time. When we get connected eachother it’s magic. This ritual. Our souls. These dancing lights above us, they helps us to elevate us and we get connect eachother. Your smell get in me. I lost myself in your eyes, and your mole is the gate to get into your soul. Tonight i’ve missed to be alone with you. Without any words we could have hugged. Kissed ourselves. I could have look at you and without say anything i could have unlace your shirt and to admire your chest then kiss it. I could have get my eyes int your and whisper you ‘How much i love you’ and you could have take my face with your hands and you could have to kiss my lips in the most sweetest way you know. I really missed you tonight.

Now the place i really would like to live in is our parellel world. It’s the perfect world. Just you and me and anybody else. Just our souls, our hearts, our perfect love. You…. Me. This music. Our lights. Just our kisses, hugs, your caresses, your hands, your arms, but above all your whispers, your voice it says me ‘I really want you. I really need you. Please dont leave me.’  A whisper ‘I love you’.



It seems ….


That everybody considers me ‘special’ but nobody wants me as  i would like to. Just you make me feel loved as i wish. I just need to look at you as i doing right now and all my desire as woman comes true. Just you make me feel loved as i wish. I just look at you and i feel like i would like to be. I need you so badly so next to me. I would like to say you my real bottom desires and i’m sure you would get everything without say any words. I’m sure you would take my hands into your. Just metion a smile and whisper me the most sweetest words i’ve heard in my life and in these words i have would hear your real love for me. Just which i really need. Need of a real sign from you. I need of your real feeling you have for me. I’m sure you do rembember about me and you have a little feeling for me. Our feelings are so close more than we imagine. Writing these words im sure one day something real will happens between us. Just writing these words i opening my heart to you. In this ‘open diary’ maybe im building my destiny with you.  And surely our parellel world will be closer than we can imagine. I just to say ‘I need you badly’.