I believed

To feel your moving away from from tonight, on contrary, i feeling you closer than ever.
It’s from i have opened the eyes that i feel your closeness make itself stronger.

My heart is beating like a jackhammer. I have believed that you wanted say me something that i would not liked at all. On the contrary you are here around me, tightening my belly, and the soft punch in the stomach instead to disincrease is increasing always more, and my head is turning around faster than usual.
What do you want say me?
These emotions that are wrapping me are something new, and i can’t manage them all in one time.
Our connection is still a great mistery, from it have began i still haven’t found a keystone. 
It appear when each time one of us wants communicate, and today it’s something important

I throw away all the air from the lungs, even if i ‘m not capable to calm me. 
When i have started to write you a double number have appeard, and sincerly, now i’m really confuse. 
I’m shaking, and everything i can think it’s you are want say me something really important. 
I’m feeling you close to me, despite our real distance i can hear your whispers entering in my soul. 

If i close the eyes i can see you in front of me, and i can feel your hands tightening my hips,while your forehead is touching mine, and without realize you move me in our slow dance, while our minds are connecting always more.
I want you feel happy, and what i’m feeling are your vibes wrapping me delicately strong. 
Tell me what is going on, and everything will pass. 

Our Parallel World is here and slowly we are entering in. Let me touch your tiny mole, and everything will vanish.  I will be always by your side, whatever will happen.
Our connection is something that nobody can destroy, it’s only ours.


Listen to it🔉⤵🔮💜

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