With what has

Happened tonight, i only can throw away all the air from the lungs, and i look at you in your eyes, and smiling with you. 

This is the umptheenth proof that there is a thin thread that is growing quickly, and it ‘is uniting us a way stronger each day is passing by.

I can see in your smile that desire to let me know that you are starting to feel in a strong way what i’m feeling from five years, and you are starting to perceiving that Our Parallel World is something real that delicately is wrapping us, and it is making us feel our feelings, despite our real distance. 

Your embrace is so sweet, you have fear to break this magic. I throw away the air, and i say: “Tight me stronger: this magic is powerful, it’s only ours, and nobody can’t destroy it.”
You turning me and our eyes meeting, and you sigh me the thruth.
I look at you with wide eyes open: what i have thought it’s all true.

Slowly i place your hand on my chest: my heart is beating like a jackhammer, while i looking at straight into your wonderful eyes, and i can perceive your words: are the sweetest, while you are touching my face, you guide my finger to your mole. I hold back the breathe, while you are kissing my palm. 

Everything is become lighter, and your hands are tightening my hips, while small electric shocks are crossing our minds delicately, and everything is happened tonight, is being become part of those else things that belong to Our Parallel World, and slowly you are realizing that eveything is real despite our real distance.

You are caressing my face whispering my name, i hold your hand inclining my face toward my shoulder. We throw away the air from the lungs at the same instant, smiling at each other.


Listen to it ⇓⇓

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