“When the sibilant” – ╚5╔

Voice f that tiny salamander has begun to tell us the story of that fateful night,  your face expession has changed radically, and ocassionally you turned round to look at that creature that seemed immobilized by that little enchant that salamander issued with, almost, an imperceptible voice.

“In the previous evenings before that night, an invisible force had invested the city, and from the nothing are came those creatures at guard to everything like you see now. A thin rain has begun to fall, always harder, but which has impressed everybody, was an undistigable voice who was dictating law on all the territory, and just with the power of his voice that force, has killed many.”
Your face coloroful, slowly has became more pale, and from the salamander voice, you had understood that evening has been a tragedy. I was speechless, and i had still my hand that was tightening your thigh, and we had understood why he has survived: to be small, almost invisible, has been his lucky

He has made us noticed a small wall behind the counter, just behind the Black Spider that with his big size, was hiding well, with a parade with some names whom were those fallen. Just one in particular had catched our attention, and the salamander had noticed it, and his, already, soft voice, has become softer.
“He’s been the first who has wanted challenge it, but it was as if he challenge the nothing.”
 Listening to the last word a shiver has crossed our back. 

To defeat something that wasn’t there was impossible, but it had killed many creatures, and from the day to the night, it had upheavel everything in that city, and whom was trying to rebel himself, he was condamned to appaer in that long frame that the Spider had behind the counter. 

We looked at each other, thinking that challenge was the biggest that we could face up to, but a voice has added itself  in those that we knew already, and it seemed come from our deep conscious, but we had noticed that it was another creature: a coloroful one, and without presenting himself, it has continued to speak: “We have tried everything, but nothing we have tried has works” and other creatures approaches themselves to our seats, but everybody seemed have hurry to get back at their tables: the salamander enchant was completly dissolving itself, and he have would not continue to use his sibilant voice to cover that assemble.

We could see he getting tired, and  faster, we had take note of each advise that those had given us.
And everybody got back at their place, just in time when the salamander has been taken by the black Spider, and he have put him inside the tin box, while beyond the counter, to his table the guardian of all this mess, was wakening himself, and all in a sudden everything got back to that constant dread.

“Let’s go away, before he stand up”, you said holding tight the hold of the knife in hand in the trouser belt, and you have taken mine in the other.
We came out from the local, just in time, when he came to the counter to get information of who were that those two.
The Spider didn’t know nothing, and Will the Wheel was murmuring something of his wheel’s tool, as if nothing was happened.

He has opened the glass window to check if could see us along the sidewalk, but he didn’t see anybody.
When he closed it again, he screamed again “Who shit they were?” but as reply there was a tacit silence among the clients.

It was their weapon more powerful.”


Listen to  it⇓⇓


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