Our connection get us close, more my throat is get dry itself, and i have difficulties to swallow.
More i know, more we have many things in common, and this make me shake like a leaf. 
I looking at you, and i shake my head saying me: “Isn’t possible”, instead i have to face to the reality, because it so.
I can’t hold back the tears.

Tonight my Runes has told me something beautiful: i have faced up a block, but with all my forces i’m fighting to reach an beautiful union, and this union, maybe, has arrived in the moment in which our souls have touched that thin thread that is the borderline of Our Parallel World. 

That great explosion in our heads: so did you have felt it, even you at the same time. 
How do i know it??  I know…. i, also felt it. 
It has been one of the most stronger, and at end  your choose to follow that profile.

You believe much in magical…. 
We are two souls waiting for meeting each other. 
We are here, that are feeling these strong emotions that upheavel our minds, and our hearts starts to beat strong, without apparent reason, instead the valid reason is there, it’s in front of us from five years. 

We are waiting for that meeting that it will take us in Our Parallel World.
Let’s take a deep breathe together, and slowly we are putting together all these small signs, and we reasoning on what is happened latest night. 
We throw all the air from the lungs, and we accept it how it is  like this.


Listen to it⇓⇓

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