Maybe i’m still

Dreaming, but more i go forward, more i realize that what we have in common is much more we could imagine, heart is beating still to the idea that we are those souls, we are are looking for each other, and we touched making explode our heads.

Despite we are far, i have needed just few seconds to understand you completly. We have too much things in common, and this is shaking me inside like a leaf.
Now i look at you straight into your eyes, and i perceive more your sensibility, and everything is around Our Parallel World is front of us. 

Before i still believe to live just a dream, but when our souls, has touched themselves through that thin thread, my heart has swolled by something more incredible which that i has lived till now.
Now, i can say, we can hear our closiness, as a real thing.

My is beating strong from two days, and it doesn’t want to stop: i have to hold back the breathe, for then throw it away to get slow down it.

In those eyes i see our world, and it’s there i want go. 
Take me in your arms, and take me to there, and let’s remain there.



Listen to it ⇓⇓

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