“The first” – tale *3*

Street lamp was about to turn on, and it was spreading his very first pale orange light, and it was giving another one atmosphere of that scenario that we had in front of us, while you was next to me, while i was telling to you that afternoon, but all in a sudden, your breathe have stopped me, and just for the second time our glance met.
You have looked at me for a second in silence, and in those seconds i have could feel thousand of emotions fly among us, as much as poweful that i had to take my glance off you immediately, and held back the breathe for don’t go crazy, and i started to look at my diary, looking for to take breathe again.

But then that question: “Who are you?”

I was drawing some doodles, to try get calm my being that was starting to shake like a leaf.
I was biting my lips: i didn’t know, even me, who i was.
“Maybe they has right, perhaps i’m really a witch”, i sighed, always looked at the page that i had wrote listening to you. 
“Maybe…, but with me close to you, you have created the most beautiful enchant that you have could do…” and slowly i lifted the gaze again. 
You was looking at all my being: from the legs, to my hands that were leaned on the open diary, at my eyes. 
Your glance was of pure astonishement, and just with that gaze you was able to stare at me. 
I have would run away, but everything  was rowing against me, and you maybe, had found a reason to remain. 

You was sweetly smiling at me, but i didn’t wanted watch you: i knew that i had met again that person that i had lost time ago, and now, for the very first time we were close, and you was curiosed by me.
That afternoon with your friend on wheelchair, i had catched something that others have wouldn’t really  understand.
Something that could have been special among us. 

But was i ready to show you who i really was? 

From your first appearance in the neighborhood, in front of that bench, i didn’t ever got up.
Just when i turned round the glance behind the big window of that local, in few minutes, someone got out, and came asking me if i need some help. 
Actually, i hadn’t need, i just wanted know if what i was living was a dream, and the only way to checked it, was to turn around. 
“But when you want enter you know what to do” said the person, and i nodded, but in a sigh i said me: “Maybe there will no need”.

I turned me again, and you was watch me, with printed on your face one word: “Help?”
You shyly was smiling, trying to pulling me out any sort explication. 
I had need of that kind of push to make me courage to speak, and those few words put in row has had the right effect that i wanted.

Soon it have would come the hour to got back in our own restplace.
And for what you knew, you had all the day next to a witch.
I held back the breathe, for then throw it away from the nostrils, and softly, i started to speak.”


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Rating: 1 out of 5.

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