A simple story isn’t enough to describe what i’m feeling. 
It’s from long time that i try to throw away the air from the lungs, for set free that vise in the stomach that is tangling me since i woke, but it impossible.

What i’m feeling it is growing inside me, and it envelope me like a sweet embrace, and our connection is stronger, even if in this instants each one has the mind busy, but what is growing inside me, it’s something total different, but always magical: i can see a double spiral that is uniting our souls, and what i’m feel in my head, i know you are feeling it too.

We have need to throw away the air from our body, if not we can explode. 
I don’t want goes on, but something it say me that your are next our Burn Valley, and looking at your eyes, i just can just hold back some tears.

Everything is turning around in my head, and more i goes on, more i see you that slowly nod. 
My soft punch is about to explode.
Your sweet embrace is the most beautiful thing i can feel in these instants. 
I can feel your perfume, and everything become still more magical.

I feel you closer than usual. I think i could crazy, and what is happen on instagram, it’s the umpteenth proof that there is something special among us.
I go to bed thinking to you.


Listen to it⇓⇓

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