“When you” – short story ♠25♠

Has opened the door of that apartment, you knew that it was over. 
A sense of empty filling you, and above all your heart was going in milion pieces.
In a second, all those wonderful moment you had spent with her, were been burn in the fire of that bad word, that she had urled against at you. 
But you could go ahead no longer: it was impossible keep up with her.

You went up, and slowly, you dived in those thoughts, you laid yourself in bed. 
A tiny teardrop has fallen from your face: you had still in your ears that scream that seemed, it didn’t wanted given you peace. 

A part of you was dying, but another one was being about to born again.
Without realizing, you was entering in your new life.
You was about to asleep, and all in a stroke, it got back in mind that shadow behind that wooden curtain.

In your mind, contrasting thoughts were fighting: the rage, a foothold lasted a couple of years has leaving you lost in ther middle of nothing, and that sense of mysterious magic that was hiding itself behind that bright shadow, who making smile those persons in prey of panic inside that anonymous bar. 

That evening, you went up in bedroom, leaving open the white curtain of the big window, leaving enter the moon light: you never done before, but in your unconscious, you knew, that it was what had to do. 
Slowly, you laid on matress, and you have closed the eyes. 
Maybe, for the last time you held back the breathe, for then threw it away thinking for the very last time to that scream, leaving it go, and throw away those couple years over your shoulders, projecting yourself ahead, questioning yourself: “Who was that girl behind who hiding herself behind that bright shadow”. 

You wanted set free your mind from all that thoughts, and emotions that were crowding your mind. 
Without realizing, you has found yourself again in that bar. 
There were anybody no longer. You was alone, and your heart was about to explode: you knew, behind that wooden curtain, would been your future, and from very far, you could hear the voice of your grandma who was repeating you that fateful phrase. 

Behind that curtain, you could see that shadow: you could glimpsing the alignements. 
You could not see the face, but you could hear the echo of what she had said to the bargirl, and from far, you have could hear to the delicate sound of her laugh, when Philip has got back behind to the counter sitting on his big steel’ stool.

You are remained stand still breathless: you was approaching really slow.

From the crowded bar that it was before, now it was the most peaceful place which you was in, and in background was playing a music, maybe the most beautiful you had ever heard, and a soft white light was sourrounding everything.
To reach the end of the bar seemed so easy, but arrived at a certain point, that target has became harder to reach: more you was walk, more that wooden curtain was moving away. 
But seemed, you didn’t wanted give up: the sound of her laugh didn’t hiding the beauty of her soul, and despite, you still didn’t had saw her, you knew, that she would have open you new horizons, and unconsciously, you was falling in love.

Walking slow, you was about to reach the wooden curtain, till your heart hasn’t exploded in your chest, and all in a stroke, you wided eyes, breathing fast: you held back the breathe, and for an instant, you have closed them. 
You was looking for to take again the dream: you was stretching the arm, and you was about to touch the wooden curtain, but that awaken has been so quick, and abrupt, that each effort has been vane.
Your heart was splashing out from your chest. 
Slowly you have re opened the eyes, and you have looked at outside: the light was the same of the dream.
White and soft.

Slowly, you held back the breathe, and you threw it away, as much delicately.”


Listen to it ⇓⇓


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