“We remained in silence” – ♥29♥

While inside the shack, we everybody, were listening to The Big One to give latest orders to the other two, while we could hear the wonder of the Little One, each time it get better, and all in a sudden The Big One said aloud: “Stop! … like this… perfect!”
We looked at us everybody holding back the breathe.

From inside we have could hear The Little One ask to Big One if now, he could open the sheet metal door.
The Big One nodded only, and slowly, he made opened the shack from the Leaner One, who  took a glimpse outside: still him remained hit from everybody, who were waiting for to see on what they had worked all night.

The Big One made himself space between the others Morgurs, and  with a hit of cough, made us enter first.
They had settled the small brownish couch in front of the croocked mirror: he explained us it was for the demonstration,

When everybody entered in the shack, and settled themselves on the ground, and on the ground, we had noticed severals X, and shyly we had smiled.
We seemed children in front of the magician who making disappear the rabbit inside his magic hat: our hearts were beating strong, and has starting stronger, when the Morgurs has brought in front of us a big silver slab, and they placed it just where there was one of  the X, just under the crooked mirror, like a slip way, as from the mirror would had must come Mantis, Lizard, or the Chameleon woman.

With the most simple words, The Big One, was explaining the most complicated tool  that he had created for bring in our world our friends from Blue City without the help of our magical track that had followed Giant Wolf with his puppy, Trusting-Jack, Abe and Amber: and then The Big One has gave us the small mirror of Fenkuz, saying: “We have tried, and in someways we have seen that it does works: Blue City has appeared in all his beauty ” – winking us: we knew what he wanted mean, and i blushed a lot – then he continued, getting back very serious.
“With the Fenkuz’ mirror we have opened more the gap between this world and Blue City, and with this silver slab, it will be more simple  make the transfer.”

When he finished, we remained speechless, while we were staring a bit the small mirror, and a bit the silver slab: slowly we were understanding all the mechanism of  everything what had as soon said, and he was looking at himself a bit lost, and he looking at his similars, The Big One was thinking: “Maybe, i explained it too fast, maybe of everything i’ve said, they haven’t understand nothing.” But The Little One has been the one among them, who has tranquilized him more.
Maybe, it was the very first time that we were watching Big One perplexed, and in someways in real embaress, but The Little One brought him closer to us, just said: “Look their eyes… “
The Little One had hit the target: we were touched.

We hadn’t say nothing, because we remained breathless, and of everything The Big One had explained, we had understand each words: we were remained speechless, because in one second, we had understand how much passion, and commitment he had put on.

Also if he was one of  most unwilling to be caressed, with a soft tone of voice, i asked him to come closer to me: i wanted give him, at least one caress to thank him personally, shyly he came to  us, and slowly i have could touch his shaggy fur. I scratched his big head, and slowly, he smiled. 
I thanked him, and you  did the same. He seemed much satsfied, then: “I hope it does works well, when you will decide to use it” he said, and you replied him: “In Blue City, we have left some dearest friends, and we would like that they come here: if you give us some tips, we would like to use it, also now”. 
Now, that one who remained speechless, almost moving, been The Big One himself.”


Listen to it⇓⇓


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