“When the emotion” – ♥9♥

Faded, i was able to look at them again in face, and finally i really smiled them, and my question was so tangible in the air that Giant Wolf was able to answer, without anny effort.
“We were been surrounded by something that has envelopod us, and we have started to travel inside that twirl. We have understand that it was taking us toward a place that we be would like it, because we have feeling your voices, and everything arounded us it was peaceful. At the begin, we were a bit suspicious, but more we went ahead, more we understood that there wasn’t nothing to be fear of. It has been my little puppy to got calm us everybody.”

From how it has been described, that twirl it sounds like our black hole when we landed in the past, and we lived the lives of The Dancing Souls. 
Our emotion were growing still one more. You was looking at me, and sweetly you have embraced me from behind. 
Still one more time, also the smallest emotions was growing faster inside me. 
In what Giant Wolf said us, i had relived in few instants everything of the Dancing Souls, and even you, i was feeling it, but you in those instants, you was been among the two,  the stronger.
We had to used again to those great emotions, and in Our Paralle World, it was like this.
In those instants were resounding in our minds the Fenkuz’s words, and everything it seemed brighter.

While Giant Wolf was finishing to speak, with his little son who was jumping around us, Trusting-Jack has been capable to put up something to eat.

We knew that outside there were our friends who had heard that new voices inside the apartment with us, and were so curious to meet them, and when our chef said us to settled in the kitchen, you kindly smiled him thanked him for his gentilness, but you said him:”We would like to have breakfast outside, we would like present you someone”. 
Our world was elarging itself. 

Even the little puppy, knew that beyond that heavy door there were someone else, and finally when he heard those magic words, inside his glance, we have could see a bit of excitment, and he taken the big paw of his dad, and they  have waited for us that we had opened the door.
We knew that our furry friends outside were awaiting for us, and it has been like this, we had found just a big blanket lay on the grass, and everybody were put in row. 

We knew that they had followed each step trough the small Fenkuz’s mirrors, and consequently, they knew, already our friends, but one fact is looking at them trough the small mirrors, and the other was have them in front. 
It have would could scare anyone, above all, creatures who didn’t ever seen creatures bigger than us.
Looking for the right words, slowly an intimidated Giant Wolf, popped behind your shoulders, making jolt everybody, but after the first reasonable scare, as much big he was, everybody were approached, and when the little puppy popped among his paws, The Little One approached himself more to the little puppy, and just with a smile they left us to go to play together.

The Giant Wolf settled himself  on the big blanket, and slowly it appaered even the floating Trusting-Jack. 
Him has appaered lesser frightening than he could imagine.
On the contrary everyone seemed fascinted by his floating.

Slowly, we were looking at everybody, who were already in sweet conversation with the new components of Our Parallel World, while finally, we were biting something.”


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