“It what which ” – ♥34♥

We really had need to feel: our bodies were merging one with another, but above all our minds connected in  strong way.
We were feeling us, that slowly regained our space in Our Parallel World, and we were feeling our energy spreading in it: we could, even see it.

That night, we had closed the eyes for few minutes: our flows were runnig fast inside, and around us, and what we had created during that act was lifting itself in the sky.
We embracing us strong, and trought the opened window we could see all those acrobatics, that were dancing: and those were our simply our emotions.

Our hearts were beating still strong, and all in a sudden, they stop. 
We were looking at the brightness of the moon, when a ray of her, has entered through the white soft curtain, and  it reached the Fenkuz’ small mirror on the furniture next your side of the bed.

We remained breathless. For long we have stared it. 
In our mind has jumped again that idea.
We looked at each other, and without indulging, we knew, that we were ready to make that.
We threw away all the air from the lungs, and we dived ourselves in the glance of the other.

That night hasn’t been a dark night, till you have embraced me delicately, and whispering you said me: “Try to sleep.”
I placed my head on your bare chest, and sweetly your heart has begun to craddling me, and your warm breath has enveloped me, not before that our glances were met again, and i caressed your face, and with a finger i reached your tiny neo, then i slided my hand on your face till stop itself to neck. 
I knew you would watch over me until you fell asleep too.
You looked Fenkuz’s mirror, and within seconds you saw everything we had seen in Blue City, but as if everything  got accelerated.
And in that moment, you have understand that in those instants Mantis had really perceived our presence.
You would have like to wake me, to say it to me: you was about to do, but when you was about to caress me, you stopped.

I was sleeping  forsaken completely on you, and i was tightening your hip.
Slowly you threw away the air from the lungs, biting your lips. 
Without wake me, you has been capable to lay yourself on mattress, and delicately you have embraced me
And even, if i was sleeping, our hearts has begun to beat strong, and our eletric shocks were crossing our minds. 

In the silence we were sharing some of the biggest emotions, as much strong that i opened the eyes, and for a moment our gazes met: i held back the breathe, while i diving myself in your blue eyes i got back to sleep, while you was sweetly caressing me.”


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