Here i’m

dwd7_.contrario_forte you waited for me. I felt you close to me when i was out to the theatre, waiting for the taxi.  Now i calling you but you are far from me but something reaching to you. It’s my recall. Our parallel world call us. I would like to feel your eyes on me. I whisper your name, but my vise in the stomach is absent. You was next to me earlier, you was my guardian angel, when i was alone in that place, my tought were towards to you and you felt them and you was near to me. I felt you. But now you’re far from me you dont be able to feel me. What are you doing? I look at you and what i would like to do is just put my hand on your chest, to feeling the softness of your shirt and maybe slide my hand in it and take off it. I would like to touch your bare chest, while my glance is into yours eyes. Maybe remain breathless, while you take my face in your hands and your face approaches to mine to kiss my lips. But tonight, right now what i feeling is just your distance. Maybe i will feel you next to me while i will sleeping. Your presence will wake me up. You know when ours connection is close, when we begin to feel that strange feelings we just we know. And we will enter in ours parallel world in a second. And there we can stay embraced. Eyes in eyes, while we caressing eachother. I will wait for you as always. I dont move myself. I will stay here with my closed eyes And when i will feel you close to me i will know you will whisper my name.


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