You are


again here. You around me. I feel you. You embracing me so tight. I feel your arms. You dont want leave me. I see you your glance on me, and my vise begins to be so strong, in my stomach. We enter in our parallel world without leaves us ours eyes on. I can feel your hand take mine, and your soul, so slowly enter in mine. Like making love, i feel you so close to me. I’ve missed this sensantion last night. But now you’re again by my side. I feel you  all about you in me. Heart, soul, and above all your mind is toward to me.  And in our world you are in front of me. Eyes in eyes, we stay in silence. The words are useless. Just few whispers. Whispers of desire to stay in this world forever. You and me. Alone. Where ours deepest thoughts can comes out freely. Where we can look at us and understand what we feel for eachother, in this way, with no add anything else. I close my eyes and i take a deep breath to dont drive crazy. I feel your hands on my face. Your whisper ‘Open your eyes, look at me’. Your eyes are the only thing i see. Unconditionally my finger begin to reach to your skin mole You let me do. To the end you take my finger in your hand and… slowly you slide it in you mouth. Speechless i blush. Biting my lips, you approach me and slowly our lips meets eachother in a kiss One of the more passionate we gave us eachother.



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