“Behind that” – §15§

Dark door, made by brick, we could listen only the tapping of something that it sounded like something that was carving the wall, and some murmuring by that creature, and before to talk, i stopped myself once again, conviced that whoever was behind that door, it was the right creature. 

I looked at my friend, who was looking at me at his turn, waiting for my move.
The frenetic sounds that we were hearing to, were those of someone who was making precise calculations, and for what i understood, were studies for an escape. 
The murmuring inside were continuos, and it seemed that those calculations had absorbed that creature in their numbers and formules. 

I couldn’t see behind the dark door, but i have prefered to make him feel our presences, between one murmur another, and when i noticed that one silence has elongated itself more than usual, i coughed a couple of times, hoping he wasn’t fallen asleep.
I coughed for the third time, and i have heard some small velvety steps, approaching toward the dark door, and a soft voice has asked: “Who is?”
I didn’t know how to present myself, i was about to say something to tranquilize him, but he asked me once again who i was and why i was there. His questions were understandably inquisitive. 

From his tone of voice, he wasn’t worry, on the contrary, he seemed alot curious why we were still outside.
I was been capable to exposing it him in minimum part, and now i was asking him to move away from that wall, because my friend was about to breakdown the door, making us enter.
His voice has changed, and asked us to wait for only few seconds: we have looking at us around, a bit alarmed, then he has gave us the go.

My big friend has gave me a glimpse, then he grunted me to be careful, and in three or four warheads was been capable to breakdown the brickwall door, and in the track of  his blows, we both, entered in the cell wrapped by a dust cloud.
For the first time we have seen who was waiting for us behind that door, and he was looking at us, astonish.
After came out from that dust, we have seen a small creature with enormous eyes, he was studying us, and he was holding some papers in hands, and only seconds later, i have understood that he had took off those papers from the door.

Looking at me around, i remained speechless. He had transformed all those four walls in one only calculation, and those papers, that he was jelously holding, weren’t else that leafs in which he had wrote the latest notes, and maybe, even, the escape way.

From what we were looking at, he had settled the cell to his necesseties, and since when he was caged, he had started to study an escape way, marking every tiny things that he thought it was important. 
He had, even drawed a planimetry of the tower, following each single aftershock of that building, and each time that the jailers opened the doors for then close them. 

He said: “When i was caged, i have understood that there was no longer time to waste, and i have started to make something, and very quick. I don’t know who are those there outside, but i understand that they are going down, floor by floor. 
The penultime slaughter, has been two floor up: i’ve imagine, you have attended to the last one?” 
There was no need to reply: the horror was slowly painting in our faces, and my friend was soft grunting shaking his big furry and horned head, and the logical thread we were following everybody inside there, was bringing only in one conclusion.
“And with their haste to do everything in next hours, they will open my door, and i don’t want be here when they will do it. I know that the tower is dived in two block, and in according my calculations there is a gate, and maybe we can escape from there”.

While he was exposing us everything, i shyly smiling: maybe i was appears a little foolish at the eyes of that smart creature, and maybe i’ve been. I realized it soon after, and i excused myself, but as if he had understood everything, he looked at me, and he added: “Just now, i have associate those female screams to you… you have been divided from your guy… if we follow this planimetry, within few time, we will be out”. 

I looked at him, throwing away all the air i had in body.
Now, we had to look for a way to don’t be make us notice, and going down more floors possible.”


Listen to it⇓⇓



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