I’ve waited

lmcm109_moltiplicaFor just few instants and you’ve arrived and you have embraced me so tight. In this moment what i need is just your embrace, just to dive  myself in your eyes and slowly, we enter in our parallel world, where noboby else cant touches us. In our world, you and me, where everything disappears and all what we see are our lights floats around and our emotions welcomes us. You whisper me just one question looking at me with your eyes that i love so much ‘What’s up?’. I looking at you, caressing your face, your neo, i simply say you ‘Did i tell you, you’re the only person i feel so close to me, and you’re the only person with which i can open myself….?’ You mentioning me a shy smile taking my face in your hands. In these moments my heart explodes, im in a twirl of emotions. You’re in front of me, caressing my skin. For a second i close my eyes and in that moment you put my hand in your shirt and when i open again my eyes, your shirt is falls down from your shoulders to remain over your arms. We stay in silence and we dont moves, only my hands moves on your bare chest. Breathless, you close your eyes and your breath slowly,  gets faster, as mine. We feel our sensations mixing up themselves. We feel us so close one of another, despite  our distance. We feel our hearts, our souls, and our minds join in the act of our love.