Ours Parallel World

CREATOR: gd-jpeg v1.0 (using IJG JPEG v62), quality = 70It calls us, and at the same time. We are there and my heart has began to beat as a crazy one. I don’t know how is it possible but eachtime it is so. I don’t know how happens but that’s it. Is it for real ours parallel world calls us? Is it possible we are strictly connect? We have a invisible link that attract ourselves unawares. I begin to believe yes. I feel  you next to me. In my mind in my soul, and im sure you do the same. You can feel something inexplicable for  you as happens to me.
If we look up at the sky we can see ours lights slowly melting eachother. That’s the key to ours parellel world. If we, for a while, close ours eyes, then slowly open them we are aware we are in it. There we let free ours feelings fly freely and see ours lights dancing together and see them becoming only one.  A magic rainbow made by all of ours feelings we what feel.




A beautiful green and red aurora dancing over the Jokulsarlon lagoon, Iceland

Closeness to me reached the top. I cried. I know it’s stupid. But when something inexplicable happens among two people like us, the only thing to do is to free own feelings. It has happened another time. I felt you so close to me, and you was for real there. On other side of the world, but you was there with me. And i felt you inside of me like a fire. I started to cry when i looked at your eyes, ‘cause i didnt ever feel you close to me in this way. I touched on your face. Im not sure you felt something. But which i felt confuses me a lot. Is it possibile that i feel you in this way. And our connection is so stronger than ever. And our bond is that thin rope that is growing faster and we can’t realize that our parellel world has becoming our real world. For real. How is it possible all that?
How is it possible that i feel your closeness and when i check what i feel, you’re there. How is it possible i linked my soul to yours. How is it possible i feel you so close to me and often you’re there. Is it possible ours parellel world does exists for real?
Those tears falls from my face were been a mix up of many emotions i felt in that moment. That moment in which i felt you by my side more than ever. I still cant believe that has happened for real.  Still confuse myself, but i must do believe all that is real. Our Parellel  World is more real than ever. And just which i want to whisper you is just ‘I love you