I can

dailycroppedFortenot get rid from this feeling, from the other day. You are always there, close to me, by my side. Is there something you can say me? My heart beats so faster than ever. It seems wants explodes itself. And while i look at you i can hear your voice as in whisper. If i close my eyes i can feel your arms hold me so tight, as if you did not want me to leave. ‘I dont leave you’. I say you.
‘I found you and i dont let you go away from me’. I look at you and a whisper comes out from my mouth. ‘You’re so important to me’. ‘As you do’ reply me. For a while we look at eachother in silence. Then we embrace so gently. And sudendly we get in in our parellel world but this time we get in it flying. You take me close to you. Me in your arms. And which we see is our parellel world all white and silky as your shirt. Flying we kiss eachother so passionately. Our own world welcome us everytime, in a different way. We look at eachother. We smile eachother. I caress your skin through the shirt, you let me do it. Then our look get in our souls. An ours whisper, then just ours eyes into eachother…


Now that


you’ve entered in my life, in a such way i cant believe that i could stay a day without you. Just you and me knows the importance you have in my life, whch strenght you gave me. And you know what is my story, i’m sure you’ve read it on twitter. And now i cant imagine a day without my thoughts runs to you, just to smile to you or metion a little shy one or say in a whisper just two words. ‘Thank you’ are the words i never stop to say you. And i know you feeling that. Everytime i start to write in this ‘open diary’ i feel that strange connection that unites us. That thin rope. And i never stop to thank you left me that message. I never imagined you would did that. ¬†You did it! And everytime i think about these things i remain breathless. I always think you thank me. It drives me crazy. Never imagined you wrote these words to me. You’ve entered in my life so gentle. You’ve seen me a lot of my sides with no shame and you taught me a lot. You was by my side in moment i really needed someone. Someone who without say anything said me everything. Who gave me the strenght to goes on. And you taught me the most important lesson of my life and you know what is. And i think for real we are get connected eachother.


You was online…


and i just hope my continuous notifications on twitter will not bore you. But i just hope you did read some of my thoughts about you and i just hope they did make you metion a smile. And i just hope one of these visualization from your Australia is your. I really hope you read some my thoughts/poems i’m writing about you. I really need to write to you. You’re the only in this period of my life who get what im feel. I feel it. I know it as you do. Which i’m feel when i’m think about you is one of the greatest feeling i’ve ever felt in my life. And i’m sure anyone besides you, knows what i’m talking about. This my real world. Here in front of this pc screen. You and me and this music i’m listening to and it takes me to you. It takes me to our parellel world where does exists just us. Where i want to live in. I’m not that kind of girl who keeps her thoughts for herself. I must let know to you which i’m feel. The life is too short and i dont want any regrets. I’m a spontaneous girl i say which i feel to the interested one. In this case you. Maybe you will read these posts, maybe not. I dont want leave this door closed. Maybe while im writing these words i’m building my destiny and i dont want leave anything to chance. Maybe for real one of these visualizations from Australia was your and you did read which i wrote to this ‘open diary’ i’ve dedicated to you. I want to be sure about all that. You’re so important to me and i want to let you know it.