When you look

13lukeaAt me in this way i cant hold back my breath. And i can say you something? I feeling you so close to me so much, like you was here by my side. I felt ours energy flows from before, i felt my dancing butterflies in my stomach. You whispered my name and they begans to dance their dance, and i feel you here.
As you usually, come next to me in silence, you touch me so gently from behind. You move my hair and your lips kiss my neck. And from there i begin to feel you. I breathless, i close my eyes and together we take a long and deep breath. And slowly we get in ours parallel world. You turning me slowly and we are in front, ours eyes in eachother. You leave me speechless, eachtime i see your eyes into mine. I could die in your eyes.
Your hands on my little body. And i let you do it. But above all our glances. The others ones can ask themselves where your curls did goes, but for me is your eyes, your mouth and your hands are important. There, is your soul, your heart and everything more important you have. I dont care about one thing is missing. I love what you have inside of you. Your heart, your soul, what you think and what you make feel. And you know how you make me feel.  Just one thing i want to say you, whisper you ‘I really need you in this moment… you’re the only person i really would like to have by my side’.


And still

origLukeSchermaWonder myself how you entering in me in this way, surprising me as the first the first time. I should be used to your way to get connect with me, but i dont. It’s always a bomb in my heart that explodes itself. And my feelings are sorrounded by your eyes, your soul, your look on me. And above all your hands. Your look on me. On everything i do, i write about you. My feelings growing more than ever. You’re always there, a step behind me. And im sure, if i fall, you would take me, and then you would smile at me. Maybe then you would kiss me kindly, and in this kiss we get in ours parellel world, where we can see eachoher with all ours love we have for ourselves. I’m sure, we know  about eachtother, also if we never met eachother. We met here. In our parellel world, where ours feelings met themselves many times, and made our hearts beat hard in unison.




Navigate in the same ocean, without ever meeting us. But yet we know a lot of eachother.
We met eachtoher many times in our dreams. We felt eachother. We clashed many times. We touched on. But we never stop to know who was. But something inside of us said always ‘You know who you’re’. That voice cames from our souls.  And that voice still saying ‘your hearts calling eachother’.
Something strange happens to me everytime your souls is towards to me. I hear your.
And that’s we get connect eachother
That’s it we get in our parellel world.
That’s true we didnt ever met, but it’s like it was
Everytime i look at you i hear something like a whirl. It’s not like when you fall in love with someone
It’s like something more than that beautiful feeling
Which happening among us is something i still cant explain to myself.
I’m sure if one day we meet eachother it will happen something great.
As old friends who didnt meet eachother from long time
And our hearts will explodes like a bomb of emotions.
Just a  look of us to get which we are made for eachother.