marlowe02fortesJust few istants and here you are, again by my side, holding me sweetly. Just few istants and my head and stomach makes me feel myself like overwhelm, and our parallel world opens its gates to makes us enter in of it. We realizing  that now, we are alone. Our lights are floating and we are in front one of another. You lay your lips on mine. Sweetly you have wanted to kiss me, suddenly. Breathless, my heart for a second, stops. I have placed my hand on your chest, on the shirt you have on. You smiling deeply. Your hands slides, without i realizing, on my hips. Our glance doesnt take off one from another. What we feel is our connection, what we feel one for another. A light emotion inside of us, that makes us feel closer than before, despite our real distance. An emotion, as a veil that around us, that it wrap us and we inside of it, we hold us, one to another, for fear to be removed one from another, and arounded by this veil, we sweetly kiss us endless.