Your eyes

boogaloo_forte0041Staring at me, and it’s what i feeling in this moment. If i close them, i feel you are approach, by my side and slowly you embracing me. In the air, i can feel your scent, and this make me drive me crazy. I must take a deep breath and i feel myself full of you. Despite your distance it’s like as if you was here next to me. My heart starting to beat like a crazy. Our parallel world getting connect us and we both feeling that.
I feel your arms around me and your breath on my skin make me feel your sensations. They are strong and i feeling them inside of me. You’re next to me. I must to close my eyes. You leave me without breath. Your hands on my skin, are touching my hips under the shirt i have on. We are in front, one of another. Without say nothing, slowly you take me off the shirt. I remain breathless, while you touching soflty and sweetly my bare chest. You so slowly, arrive to my breast… i close my eyes and all the rest disappears.


Tell me

joe_deboleWhat which you feeling in this moment, ’cause what which i feeling right now is one thing more bigger than me. And it overwhelm me. I cant hold back my tears. Our lights are around us, while we are in front one of another, we look at us without say nothing. What which we need is only  to touch our skin, look at us, diving in our glances and hear our voices whispering all our desires. I need to stay a while in front of you, without dont do no moves. I need only to slide my hand into you white shirt and feel your heart beat get faster, and looking at your eyes, what which you feel. Your eyes speaks to me. I see your desire growing up. Slowly, that white shirt, falls down over your arms, and always more slowly, falls down on the floor. In that rustle, we enter in our parallel world, while our light still dancing between us. We remain breathless for what which we feel at the same time, despite our distance. I’m sure, this a way with which we communicate our feelings.
And i’m sure, in your deepest soul, you have the same feel. Right now i thinking about you.

Aint a case, what which you wrote in your lastest tweet, in someway, in different way, i’ve passed it too. To write is a beautiful expression. I think, the most beautiful one. And if i think, you’re passing, or already you’ve passed, that which i’ve passed, i cant believe it. If i close my eyes, i can see you here, next to me taking my hand, smiling at me as you do usually, leaving me breathless, while you approaching to me to kiss me softly.


If you

lmcm02e_forteCome to me looking at me in this way, i just can only blush. But you dont say nothing. You only look at me, and begin to touch me sweetly, i only can do is leaving you what you want to do, looking at your eyes. You put my hands on your chest. I can feel the softness of your t-shirt. Your eyes always on me. In them i see our parallel world explodes around us. And your lips approaching to me. You dont kiss me yet, but our lips touching sweetly. And only a phrase is flying in the air ‘Stay with me’.  I need to close my eyes and take a deep breath to dont remain breathless. But you succedded. You continuing to touch on my face. I blush a while, but i slide my hands in your shirt and for magic, it falls down on the floor, and i begin to caress to your bare chest till reach to your hips. But what i want to do is only looking at your eyes. And touching on your neo on the skin, then to reach to your lips and caress them kindly. And then make dive my soul in your in a kiss sweet, and to see our lights turns around us, making us take the flight, in a twirl of emotions.


You came

bluebill_forteTo me, by my side and gently you woke me up. I dreamt about you also in those few istants on the couch. You did like something i did. But it was a big suprise that i forget what was it. Maybe ours lives reaches themselve, more faster than i could imagine. Or is it another sign, that you take a look on me, whatever i do, and the connection i feel is more real than ever, and it’s really you’re close to me, despite i dont know where are you. And when i feel inside of me that warm feeling, it’s the certain of your being next to me. That ours minds are really connected eachother, and what i feel are ours souls melting eachother and we enter in ours parallel world. That world unites us in someways, we still dont completly, understand. But we uderstand it when we close ours eyes and we feel we take ours hands and in the exact moment we touch us, we open them and we are there. You and me in front. Your glance in mine. Your colorful eyes hypnotize me. I remain imobilìzed, breathless speechless Your eyes are my world. I could to look at you without bore myself ever. If i close my eyes right now i can feel your soul, your heart your warm light into mine, and my heart for a while, it stop. I can feel you. I feel your glance on me. Arounds me and your hands touch on me gently. Ours minds get connecting eachother. I feel you and you feel me.
This energy is called Ours Parallel World.

If with those eyes

DxJDa7gX4AIydqFortehYou look at me in this way, i could lost myself , but im sure you would by my side and together we enter in ours parellel world where we dont lose us. In your eyes i can see something real magic and it’s ours lights melting eachother, and what we feelings goes beyond love.
Now im writing in this open diary, i’ve opened this path to reach to you, to your heart, to feel yours real deepest thoughts. Now i taking a long breath and in your eyes i see a world so beautiful, peaceful. And your whispers sounds like bird songs, and i listening to them speechless. You whisper me phrases i never heard from anybody else. You taking my hands. Your skin so soft. I could remain to look at you like this, for hours, with no say any words, but just touch on your chest, and i know you wouldnt do any resistence, on the contrary you hold my hand to your heart whispering me ‘It beats just for you’. Breathless and speechless i look at you, and my heart explodes inside. Eyes in eyes, closer than ever we taking ours faces in hands, listening to this music, we take flight in the longest, gently, soflt, tender  a such passionate kiss we have had never gave us.



You & me

Aurores boréales - Norvège

I just need to look at you and i feeling good. You make me smile with nothing. Your eyes has the rainbow inside and i can see it when you smile to me. Just which i feel standing by your side is a wonderful sensation and it’s just magic. I look at you and i get in our parellel world with you. And just which we feel is just our kind of love that we just feel for eachother. A kind of love that opens ours minds, our heart in another level of connection. While we get connect ourselves, we feel ours souls meltin themselves and which we feel our heartbeats becoming so faster. I see my soul into yours, your heart into mine. And i can smell your skin. Your hands on my body. You touch on my legs scars with your fingers. I remain breathless. ‘Let me see your eyes’ i whisper. So slowly look up at me and take my hand to your chest. Your heart seems explodes inside of you. A whisper ‘I get what you’ve face up to’.  I caress your face saying any words, just a tear falls from my face.  Your finger on my face. Then you hold me tight and we stay in this way. Embraced eachother. No other word.

Look up

the sky. Our lights melting eachother. Your eyes into mine. Your smile illuminates me, my heart and i can’t help to be happy. I find my own joy just look at you. Come closer and you touch on my skin. For a while blushin myself. You didnt ever touched me in this way. You didnt ever look at me in this way. Your eyes explores my bottom feelings. I would like move me, but i can’t. Your eyes on me. Your look into mine. You mention a smile and i can see our parellel world around us. Our lights dancing together. We remain hypnotized by this music, but we take ours hands. I close my eyes and i smell your skin. I drive crazy for. Gently you whisper ‘open your eyes’. In meanwhile you take my hand to your heart. I look at you. For a while all disappears around us. We only exist. Your eyes, my heart, ours souls, which we feel for ourselves.
And it’s the most biggest emotions we felt in ours world.

Just a little whisper from eachother. ‘Let’s stay like this, forever’.




I feel myself as your little secret box. Where you can get in your bottom thoughts and i can locked them in my heart. And you feel free to tell me everything you feel and want. And this thing means a lot to me. It means our connection is more than real. Our parellel world does real exists for real. And everytime i feel you close to me, it means you feel the same, as i do. I still dont get  for real which you told me last night, still confuses myself, but for real, it means ‘something’ for me. Still rembember your eyes into mine. Your look getting in my soul. It would have told something more, but it didnt. I will waiting for your next words. I can wait patiently. There is any hurry.  Everytime you want me just call me and i feel you inside of me and i run to you. Taking you hand to get in our parellel world, where does exists just us. Where we can look eachother and talk about everything we want, we feel for eachother. We can talk about our bottom thoughts. In our peaceful place. Which our hearts will want to talk. Just to look at eachother and everything will comes naturally.
Which has happened last night it was a inconditional gesture from you. I know, it was. My heart, my soul said me it wasnt too much.
Which we feel when get connect eachother means  a lot from eachother. And isnt a case. I feel it. As you do.


You & Me

431836-oriWe are so far from eachother. But we just know our need to stay close eachother. I look into your eyes. And your light talks to me about your need to whisper sweet words. In your eyes i see our parellel world and in your heart i listen to our music that takes us away from this world where we dont belong to. Just in our own world we belong to eachother. In your eyes i see my own light and from your eyes i cant leave my look. Which strenght you gave me cames from there. From your soul i see trought your eyes, your look.  Your look could to consume myself, but i’m able to reborn just with another look of you. I need of you so much. My heart starts to beat so fast. I feel you. And you could hear me. We start to get connect eachother. I’m calling you from here, from my bedroom. With  this music i’m listening to, i know you connection is more easier than ever.  Our souls slowly melts eachother. And i know you hearing me. Look up at the sky. Our lights dancing together.


if only



You could look at me in this way, as i would like to and you could say me which you feel for me in this istant, i could be the most happiest girl in the world. I could feel myself beloved by you. Your eyes tells me a story about lights, souls, whispers and i could dive myself in them and likely i could find the real me. In your eyes i’ve found myself time ago and from there i would never leave myself. I’m feel so good when i’m just with you. Im feel in a peaceful place just with you. I can open myself just with you. And when i dont feel our souls get connect eachother i ask myself  ‘Where are you? What are you doing?’.  Now im feel you far from me but im just calling you and im feel you hearing me. You’re so far from me. But something among us has happening. Our dancing butterflies, dances. Our connections works always in the same way. We just know how.

Your eyes… if only they could see me, if you look at me in this way…I could touch on your skin, your skin so soft. To metion a smile, you could take my hand to your heart and make me feel how it does beats so fast. Looking into my eyes with no say any words. Just a look. That kind of look where we dive ourselves into the soul of eachother. Where we can see our lights. There, where is born our parellel world.